July 16, 2005

Liberty and anti-Islamofascism

I am a believer in the virtue of freedom. I believe that the only way that people can be truly happy is if they are able to go out and do the things that make them happy, which means they must be able to make there own decisions, and maybe mistakes, without interference.

I also condemn Islamists. This may seem like a contradiction, and in a way it is, but the way that I reconcile theses views is simple. I understand that actions have consequences.

Where the Islamists ever to fully implement there policy it would destroy many freedoms for everyone, for ever.

The Sharia that they want to impose may have been quite liberal in the sixth century but in the context of modern life it is extremely constraining and destroys many freedoms that we now take for granted. In their view Sharia is law given by 'god', it over rules all human made laws and can never be revised as no human has the right to over rule 'god'. The freedoms that it destroys can never be restored should Sharia be implemented, nor any of the current freedom destroying rules that we live under, that Sharia agrees, be rescinded.

So by opposing the Islamists, and other freedom hating political creeds, I may not be maximising freedom at this instant but I am trying to maximise it across the whole of the future.


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